Protect The Future Of Your Special Needs Loved One With Proper Planning

You have shared endless love and care with your special needs loved one to give them the best possible life. It is just as important to determine how they will be cared for when you pass away.

At von Keller Thelin, we can ensure that there is a plan in place to safeguard them if you are no longer able to serve as their caregiver. We create special needs trusts and help clients prepare for the day their children with special needs will become legal adults. Our attorneys handle guardianships and conservatorships when these proceedings become necessary.

You May Need More Than A Simple Will

Naming your special needs loved one as a beneficiary in your will may do more harm than good unless your will is properly drafted. You may want to consider establishing a specific type of trust to manage your loved one’s special needs. In this way, you can protect them and maximize other sources of financial support they might qualify to receive.

The truth is that every client has a unique situation. Sometimes their special needs loved one requires constant care while others are nearly self-sufficient. We take the time to learn about your individual situation, your loved one’s needs and your wishes. We tailor an estate plan that is customized for your situation.

Let Us Help You Sort Things Out

We are well-versed in protecting the interests of special needs loved ones. We also help clients who have developed disabilities later in life. In these instances, we take immediate action to protect their rights to receive Social Security insurance and other government-sponsored benefits. Let an experienced Virginia special needs planning attorney help you every step of the way. Contact us at our Manassas office by calling 703-659-0477 or by emailing us here.