3 tips to prevent a contested will

Creating a will is a responsible step to ensure your wishes are fulfilled after you pass away.  Unfortunately, around 46% of U.S. adults still do not have a will in place. Unfortunately, even if you create a will, there are situations where someone in your family may...

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2 tips for long-term care planning

After working for many years, you deserve quality health care services and a comfortable life. Virginia Health Information (VHI) has a consumer guide that provides in-depth information to those needing long-term care and their loved ones.   Several options are...

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Do you need a digital estate plan?

If you think that an estate plan is just a simple will, think again: These days, even a basic estate plan needs a will, advance directives and powers of attorney designations, and many ordinary people are exploring things like living trusts, Medicaid planning and...

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