​You Need Care Due To Age Or Disability And May Qualify For Medicaid

Setting up the right protection for your assets can keep you from unnecessary financial losses. Your eligibility for Medicaid is important, and there are options to protect the assets your worked had to earn. You need only to look to an experienced attorney.

At von Keller Thelin in Manassas, we provide asset protection and other estate planning needs for elder clients and clients of all ages. Our team believes that a productive way to serve you is to provide one-on-one assistance so that you may speak with us directly. By doing so, we get to know our clients by name and can efficiently pursue their best interest.

We Have The Resources To Help You Set Up A Protective Trust

To start protecting your assets, you may want to set up an irrevocable trust, which can help you become eligible for Medicaid and keep these assets in the protection of an individual you trust. Under certain circumstances you may also transfer your assets to a loved one.

While there are trusts and ways of protecting your Medicaid eligibility and assets, it can be a good idea to reach out to a lawyer who knows the ropes. Our reliable team has years of experience in assisting Virginia clients with Medicaid asset protection. We know the right steps to keep you financially protected.

Learn More About How Our Caring Team Can Help

You should not have to worry about what will happen to your assets. You deserve to have a say in what happens with your estate. Learn more by scheduling a consultation. You can call us at 703-659-0477 or use our online contact form.