​Navigate Estate Administration With Confidence

If your loved one has passed away, you must consult with a seasoned attorney who can assist you with the process. Without quality legal advice, you may make a mistake in the estate administration process that cannot be undone. At von Keller Thelin, our team can ensure mistakes are avoided and administration goes smoothly.

What Is Estate Administration?

Estate administration is complex and goes beyond the distribution of assets. After your loved one passes away, various issues must be addressed before probate is complete. Problems that may arise in estate administration include the:

  • Appointment of an administrator if there is not a will
  • Preparation and submission of inventory and accounting
  • Management of finances
  • Payment of debts and other liabilities
  • Transfer of real estate and other assets
  • Final distribution of the estate

Estate administration can be relatively simple if the estate is small (less than $50,000) or quite complex in the case of larger estates where significant assets and liabilities are involved. Our experienced and caring Virginia attorneys can represent you in probate and, if necessary, related litigation.

Request A Consult With Our Team

Keep in mind that estate laws may change over time. Learn about the current laws and requirements regarding estate administration by speaking with our team today. Call our Manassas office at 703-659-0477 or contact us online for guidance with all of your estate planning and administration matters.