Experienced Estate Planning To Protect Your Future

Estate planning involves the management and protection of assets in the event of incapacity or death. This may include the preparation of a will, trust, power of attorney and medical directive, as well as other documents. In addition, our lawyers may be able to shield your assets from long-term care costs and establish a plan for the care of parents and children with disabilities.

The issues involved in your estate are personal and often complex. Your family circumstances, particularly if they involve second marriages, blended families, elderly or incapacitated parents and special needs children, determine the type of protection you may require. At von Keller Thelin, we can work with you and your family to plan for and respond to anticipated and unexpected events.

Your Beneficiaries Will Be Taken Care Of

Your desires regarding specific arrangements for the benefit of others, as well as preferences concerning your own health and medical care options, must be memorialized. Our attorneys work with you to analyze your financial and legal needs to determine which estate planning tools address your wishes and protect your family. We can help you plan for:

  • Financial security for your spouse and children
  • The distribution of assets to your beneficiaries
  • Educational funding for grandchildren

Our experienced team helps to develop and implement sound legal strategies that can help you reduce estate taxes, expedite administration of your estate for the benefit of your family and accomplish your goals.

Preserving Your Wishes And Assets With Legal Documents

We prepare powers of attorney and advance medical directives that detail your wishes in the event of incapacity or death regarding the:

  • Management of assets and finances
  • Resuscitation and life support
  • Type and length of medical care
  • Selection of person(s) to make decisions

Contact our firm to learn how you can make these decisions preemptively so your family will not have to make them for you.

Avoiding Probate

A large part of our estate planning practice is devoted to structuring estates to help avoid probate.

Probate can take a lot of time and put unnecessary financial and emotional strain on grieving families. With a comprehensive estate plan, the probate process may be shortened significantly or avoided entirely.

Start Planning Today

For more information on our estate planning services, contact our Manassas attorneys by calling 703-361-2477 or emailing us. We assist families throughout Virginia to protect their legacies and loved ones.