Probating A Will

If you executed a will in the proper fashion, your will controls the distribution of your property after your death. A probate attorney can assist you in drafting the type of will that best suits your needs. Your attorney can ensure that your will passes through the probate process smoothly and can explain all aspects of wills laws in Virginia to you in plain English.

Prince William County Probate

After your death, if you have a valid will, your estate is distributed in accordance with probate law. A probate lawyer here at von Keller Thelin is a wise choice to shepherd you through the estate planning process and handle probate for your will after your death. An experienced attorney understands all aspects and intricacies of the laws that apply to wills and estates and can ensure that paperwork is done in a timely and proper fashion. Our firm has offices in Manassas and we serve all of Prince William County.

Probate is a public process that consists of the following:

  • Filing and validating a will in court
  • Paying the debts and taxes of the deceased person
  • Dividing up the assets according to the will or Virginia law

After a death, the probate process usually begins when the personal representative or executor hires a probate lawyer to file the will with the circuit court of the county where you resided when you died.

A Prince William County Probate Lawyer Can Help

If you are seeking a probate law firm in Prince William County, or have questions about estate planning in Virginia, our lawyers can help. At von Keller Thelin, our attorneys are ready to explain all the nuances of probate law to you, and we can give you the advice you need, including drafting an effective will. Speak to an informed and highly skilled Prince William County probate lawyer today. Our offices are conveniently located in Manassas. Contact us for help with all your estate planning needs.