Protect Your Legacy: Turn A Wish Into A Plan

We cannot wish our way into the desired outcome. We may wish that our loved ones are taken care of after we pass away or hope to have a say in our own end-of-life decisions. The reality is that wishing and hoping are not always the solution.

Every day, our team at von Keller Thelin takes the wishes of singles, couples, parents and everyone in between to create plans that work. Without a plan, a wish is nothing more than a dream that is unlikely to come true. Whether you need help planning an estate, establishing a guardianship, or require a strong defense in court, our attorneys have the skills and experience necessary to assist.

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Your Future and Family Are In Good Hands

When you become one of our clients, you become a part of the family. As with our own family, we give our clients personalized attention. You will meet with your attorney face-to-face. We evaluate family dynamics, finances and more to create estate plans that last. If you are facing any issue with estate administration, we will carefully review your late loved one’s estate and make informed decisions to guide you to the next steps. If your elderly loved one needs protection, our team is well-versed in elder law matters.

Start Planning and Protecting Today

Do-it-yourself plans can jeopardize the validity of legal documents or increase the chance of mistakes during the legal process. Save yourself time and money by starting on the right foot with a seasoned legal team by your side.

For a consultation, please call 703-659-0477 or send us a message. We serve clients in Manassas and the surrounding areas with any of their estate planning, estate administration, and elder law needs.