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What can you do if you have a problem heir?

There are times when an adult knows that they need to set up a plan for what will happen to their assets when they die, but they’re worried that an heir will squander the inheritance. There are several options that you have for handling this type of situation.  One...

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Do you need an advance medical directive?

An advance medical directive helps explain what kind of care you want to have if you cannot speak on your own behalf due to an injury or illness. It is a good idea for any adult, no matter their age, to have an advance directive. Whether you are young and healthy or...

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Why you should consider getting a prenup

To some people, the idea of a prenup seems unromantic, but it may come in handy when things go south in your marital life. Divorce is a possibility in any marriage, and a prenup legally binds the divorcing couple on the division of property between them. That said,...

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