3 tips to prevent a contested will

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Creating a will is a responsible step to ensure your wishes are fulfilled after you pass away. 

Unfortunately, around 46% of U.S. adults still do not have a will in place. Unfortunately, even if you create a will, there are situations where someone in your family may contest your wishes. If you want to avoid this situation, use the tips here. 

1. Use a no-contest clause

With this clause in place, if someone files a lawsuit to challenge your estate plan, they will receive nothing if the challenge fails. This can be a deterrent for someone receiving some of your assets, even if that is less than the portion they think they are due.

2. Let people know about your will before you die

It is smart to let those in your life know what is in your will. Letting your loved ones know what your will contains and your reasons for taking certain actions can help flush out any concerns before you pass away. You may be able to avoid future family fractures through simple discussions today.

3. Consider a trust

Consider a revocable living trust if you want to avoid having your will contested. The trust is a personal document that remains private, while a will is public and will be filed in probate court when you die. Also, a trust is a document you can use while alive to protect your assets. A will is only used after you die. 

Protecting your will from being contested

You can take several steps while still alive to keep your will from being contested after you pass away. It is best to know your legal options to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your situation. 


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