2 tips for long-term care planning

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After working for many years, you deserve quality health care services and a comfortable life. Virginia Health Information (VHI) has a consumer guide that provides in-depth information to those needing long-term care and their loved ones.  

Several options are available for seniors. Thus, it may be challenging to pick one. Here are two long-term care planning tips to make your work more manageable. 

Determine your ideal senior lifestyle

The dream lifestyle for seniors varies. While some would like to remain in their homes, others would not mind moving to a new environment like a nursing home. Thus, you need to know what will work for you. 

Nonetheless, your wishes may change in the future. For instance, if you develop an illness or a disability, you may need a caregiver. It may be best to choose a lifestyle that suits your current needs but flexible enough to be changed.

With the advancement of technology and the abundance of solutions, today’s seniors manage to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle both at home and in facilities. Therefore, your options are extensive.

Assess your finances

You need to assess your finances when developing a long-care term plan. These include cash, pension funds and benefits, physical property and other assets. Your finances and needs should help you pick the most suitable option. 

You may opt to be taken care of by family members or friends (informal care) or move to a professional facility (formal care). 

Formal care is costlier, but facilities offer different services, which means their prices differ. Thus, you can find one at a lesser cost. Also, you may choose to remain at home and hire a part-time care manager.

Long-term care planning is crucial. You should analyze your options carefully to make the right moves.    


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