Is your elderly relative struggling with daily living? 

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Your elderly parent has lived through a lot. They’ve taken care of themselves for decades and successfully raised a family. Before retirement, they also ran a successful company. In short, they are used to being independent. 

The reality is, however, that there will come a point in our lives where we all need a little assistance. If you notice any of the following signs, then your elderly relative may be struggling with daily living. 

Giving assets away 

Over the years, your elderly relative has garnered an impressive collection of jewelry and antiques. They’d always said that they were going to pass these heirlooms on to the grandchildren. 

Recently, you’ve discovered that many of these items have simply been given away. Some of them have gone to care workers while others have been donated to charities. While this may be legitimate, it’s important that you make sure these were rational decisions. Sometimes, elderly people can become overwhelmed and need a little help to relieve some pressure.  

Poor physical appearance 

You know your relative as a proud individual who barely has a hair out of place. On your last visit, you noticed that their shirt was stained and it didn’t seem like they had bathed in a while. This is highly unusual and it could be a sign that they are struggling. 

Elderly individuals commonly lose their mobility and may be ashamed to admit it. With a sensitive discussion, you may be able to get to the bottom of the issue and eventually seek some assistance. 

Most of us have fond memories of being assisted by our elderly relatives and there may come a time when we need to return the favor. Seeking legal guidance before taking your next steps will help ensure that everyone is at ease.   


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