What if my mother does not like the nursing home?

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If you are your mother’s caregiver, it is natural for you to have concerns about nursing home abuse or neglect. Both of these are huge problems in caregiving facilities across the United States.

However, it is also possible that if your mother is complaining about the nursing home that the issues are more related to settling in as compared to abuse. According to the AARP, as a caregiver you should take the time to thoroughly investigate a roommate conflict or potential food issues before accusing a facility of abuse.

Roommate pains

In the event that your mother does not get along with her roommate, reputable nursing homes will do everything they can to facilitate a switch. However, there is always a period of adjustment when two strangers begin to live together for the first time. Particularly if your mother has spent a lot of time living on her own before moving into a nursing facility, this may be particularly difficult.

If your mother is struggling with having a roommate, you may look into getting her a single room if your budget can support it.

Food issues

If the nursing home facility is not providing fresh and nutritionally adequate food, this is a major legal concern. However, it is also possible that no matter how well the nursing home facility prepares food, it will not be up to your mother’s standards. This is particularly true if your mother is a picky eater or likes to eat certain ethnic foods.

It is a good idea to visit the nursing facility frequently for meals. It is also possible that your mother misses the company of family more than she has actual complaints about the food.


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