Veterans may be eligible for a number of long-term care options

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Long-term care planning is important for everyone in Virginia, and those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces are no exception. Military service members may be eligible for options that other people in the U.S. do not have, though. 

When preparing to apply for benefits, veterans should know all their options in order to receive all the assistance they deserve. 

Long-term care options 

Many people may think of nursing homes when they think of long-term care. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs points out that there are many other care settings, as well, depending on the level of care a veteran needs and his or her eligibility status and preferences: 

  • In-home care from a family member or professional caregiver 
  • Community sites, such as Adult Day Health Care 
  • Residential settings, such as a private home where a small group of people receives support from a caregiver 
  • Assisted living centers 
  • Nursing homes 

Financial assistance for care in these settings may be available through VA, Medicare and Medicaid. 


The VA website explains that a veteran may access services such as these if he or she has registered for VA health care, the VA has concluded that the veteran needs the specific services, and the service or care setting is available in the area where the veteran lives. 

When applying for VA health care benefits, a veteran will need to meet certain criteria, including meeting the minimum duty requirements and having a disability. A veteran’s income is also a factor in qualifying for benefits. A veteran may be in a priority group that is more likely to receive benefits if he or she is receiving a VA pension, was a prisoner of war, received a Purple Heart or Medal of Honor or has another enhanced eligibility status. 


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