Experienced Defense For Fraud Charges

If you are facing charges related to any type of fraudulent activity, your future and freedom are on the line. Fraud is a type of financial crime, committed through misrepresentation, deceit or other means. Prosecuted as a felony at both the state and federal level, fraud is a serious white collar crime, and it is important to secure the assistance and representation of an experienced criminal defense ally.

I have experience in complex, high-stakes criminal cases, and provide the information, answers and guidance you need during this difficult time. I am attorney Joseph Thelin of von Keller Thelin, and I have more than 15 years of criminal defense experience helping clients in Manassas and throughout Virginia who need knowledgeable and effective defense counsel for a range of criminal charges.

Serious Criminal Charges Warrant A Serious Defense Plan

Often, people facing charges related to illegal financial activities are unaware of the serious nature of the charges and penalties they face. It can be difficult to prosecute crimes involving fraud because the prosecution must be able to prove criminal intent, however, it is wise not to underestimate the impact of the potential consequences you face.

I know what is at stake. I will work diligently to develop an appropriate defense strategy and vigorously defend your rights if you are facing any of the following types of fraud charges:

I will thoroughly investigate your case and take the time to listen to your concerns. My goal is to provide you with a thorough explanation of your rights, what to expect from the criminal process and how I will work to protect your future interests.

Start Planning Your Defense Strategy Today

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