Helping You Fight Back Against Embezzlement Charges

Criminal charges of any kind pose a direct threat to your future. While charges related to financial crimes may seem less severe because they lack an element of violence, they are often felony offenses that carry severe consequences.

If you are facing charges of embezzlement, allegations of fraud or other white collar crimes, I can help. I am attorney Joseph Thelin of von Keller Thelin, and I have over 15 years of defending Virginia clients in complex jury trials and against a range of criminal offenses.

An Appropriate Defense Strategy Against Complex Charges

Like other types of financial crimes, embezzlement cases can be difficult to investigate and prosecute. This particular type of crime involves the theft of assets by a person who has authority over those assets. In many cases, a person charged with embezzlement is someone who has access to funds and allegedly takes them for personal gain such as a money manager, bank employee or accountant.

If you are facing allegations of unlawfully taking money, it is important to know what the prosecution must prove in order to secure a conviction. This includes the existence of a fiduciary relationship between parties and intentional theft of assets. I will work hard to confront every aspect of the prosecution’s case against you. A conviction is never your only option, and I will employ my experience, knowledge and resources to develop a defense strategy – including an appellate strategy, if needed – for your unique situation.

Facing Embezzlement Charges? Learn More About Your Options.

I understand how overwhelming it is to face serious criminal charges and am committed to helping you understand your rights and defense options.

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