Are You Facing Charges For A Financial Crime?

Facing charges related to financial crimes like fraud, identity theft or embezzlement poses a direct threat and is serious to your future, and individuals facing these types of charges would be wise to take quick action to defend their interests. I am defense attorney Joseph W. Thelin, I understand what is at stake and I know how to effectively defend you against these types of serious accusations.

Many people fail to understand the serious nature of white collar crimes, and often, people charged with financial crimes were unaware that they were involved in any illegal activity. You have the right to a presumption of innocence, and I will fight to defend you against all charges and work to protect your freedom and future.

What Counts As White Collar Crime?

White collar crimes typically involve illegal and fraudulent activities of a financial nature. Often prosecuted as felonies at both the state and federal level, these crimes can be quite complex. I have experience with high-stakes jury trials, and my experience allows me to build a defense specifically suited to your needs. I help defend individuals against charges pertaining to the following:

Being convicted of a financial crime can alter the course of your entire life. It can lead to time behind bars, fines and other negative consequences, including significant financial losses and damage to your personal reputation.

These are serious crimes that require a meticulous and aggressive defense strategy. Throughout every step of your case, I will fight for you with the goal of achieving a beneficial outcome. I pay close attention to details, and my goal is to build a defense that is appropriate for the specific details of your individual case. I have successfully represented people in complex negotiations and jury trials. I can help you navigate the complex appellate process as well.

Learn About Your Defense Options Today

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