Appeals In A Criminal Case

At von Keller Thelin, we have a tremendous understanding of the rule of law. We are willing to explore every avenue for your appeal’s success.

Appeals in particular require intensive research and a great deal of patience. I not only have the research tools at my fingertips, but I also know how to use them to your advantage

Giving You A Voice

Not every matter can be appealed. However, some seemingly closed cases are not without hope.

Here is what you can expect from me:

  • As your attorney, I will discuss the matter in depth with you.
  • Once you understand how the law and precedent apply to your specific case, you will have a realistic understanding of what is important and what it will take to overturn the decision.
  • Oftentimes, it takes a creative approach and a well-thought-out strategy to be effective in appeals cases.

Unlike firms that are unresponsive and exclude clients to their methods, with von Keller Thelin, you will understand the full scope of your issue. You will be informed of both the upside and downside of various legal strategies. You will have an active say in what happens.

Appeals Change Lives

With well over a decade of experience, I am highly experienced in handling appeals in the Virginia court system. In Virginia, a third conviction for a violent crime can result in a life sentence without the possibility of parole. This is just one of many reasons that every felony conviction for these types of crimes should be fought. Even reducing a felony conviction to a misdemeanor can mean that conviction cannot be used against you under the three-strikes law.

Finding Past Mistakes

Beyond considerations of multiple offenses, criminal appeals are often necessary for three reasons:

  1. Mistakes may be made when the case is originally tried.
  2. Improper evidence or testimony may have been allowed to be heard at trial.
  3. Your rights may also have been violated, whether during your arrest or during the court proceedings that followed.

Criminal appeals are there to ensure the entire process is fair. It gives the criminal court system a second chance to get the matter right. Often your freedom and future depend on a strong challenge of the initial case facts and evidence.

I Never Miss A Deadline

Deadlines are crucial in all court proceedings – especially appeals. As an experienced criminal appeals attorney, I do not miss deadlines pertaining to any criminal defense matter. I have put together a sophisticated calendaring system that ensures these deadlines are always met. This is particularly important when speaking about criminal appeals, because a missed deadline can mean losing your case. At my firm, this will never happen.

Contact Our Law Firm

Experience matters. If you are considering appealing a criminal matter, email me, lawyer Joseph W. Thelin. Located in Manassas, I serve clients in all of the surrounding communities. Or, if you have an urgent issue, call me directly at 703-659-0477. for an initial consultation.