Vigorous Defense Of Your Rights After An Arrest

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, the United States Constitution grants you certain rights and entitlements. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I am acutely aware of the importance of protecting your rights.

You may not be familiar with your rights or know what to do if you believe that you experienced illegal or inappropriate treatment of any kind, but I can help. I will evaluate your situation, determine if you experienced a violation of your rights and take the appropriate course of action on your behalf. Individuals in Manassas and throughout Virginia can turn to von Keller Thelin, for assistance.

Were Your Rights Violated?

One of the benefits of working with an experienced defense lawyer is having a knowledgeable legal ally on your side. My more than 15 years of experience allows me to know how to fight back against any type of mistreatment or abuse of your personal rights. During and after an arrest, you are entitled to the following:

  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to request and receive the assistance of an attorney
  • Humane treatment
  • The right to wait for your attorney before answering questions
  • The right to an explanation of how your words could be used against you
  • Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment while under the custody of law enforcement

From the earliest stages of your case, I act as your advocate and legal ally, ensuring the full protection of your interests. Every person charged with a crime has rights, and I will tenaciously defend these rights and fight for a beneficial outcome to your individual case.

Protection Of Your Rights Can Start Today

I can identify any possible mistreatment you experienced while under the custody of law enforcement. If there was a violation of your rights, I will take immediate action to either have the charges against you dropped or certain evidence suppressed.

My goal is to protect your best interests. Call my Manassas law office at 703-659-0477 or contact us online to schedule a case evaluation.