Should you walk down the aisle if your fiancé doesn’t want a prenup?

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Wedding bells are ringing, and the moment you and your fiancé(e) have been waiting for is fast approaching. However, you may face an unexpected hiccup: a disagreement about your prenuptial agreement.

Such a fight when a marriage is on the horizon can throw a wrench into your happily-ever-after plans. So, how should you proceed? While some might argue that prenups are not for everyone, a future spouse’s refusal to sign can potentially raise red flags.

Why is your future spouse refusing the prenup?

For many people, the concept of marriage is purely romantic, and the introduction of formalities like a prenup can leave a sour taste in their mouths. But in reality, marriage is a serious life commitment that intertwines the lives of two individuals in myriad ways.

Suppose your fiancé(e) holds the romantic concept of marriage dear; they may struggle to accept a prenuptial agreement a few weeks or months ahead of your wedding. They may assume that outlining the division of assets in case of a divorce is spelling doom even before the marriage begins.

They may also perceive the prenup as the betrayal of the trust you share. Or maybe they may feel that the terms of the agreement do not favor them. Moreover, their cultural beliefs may influence one’s stance on prenups.

Why consider a prenup?

Simply because your fiancé(e) has refused to sign the prenup does not mean you should call off the wedding nor write off the agreement. You can help your partner understand that the agreement is more than a contingency plan in case of a divorce. Suppose they feel that the agreement doesn’t favor them. In that case, you can make concessions, with the appropriate legal guidance, to help ensure the contract offers adequate protection for both partners.

When your partner sees the bigger picture, they may be willing to consider the agreement. If you don’t get them to sign on the dotted lines before the marriage, you still have a chance to explore a postnuptial agreement. It’s possible that they may be more willing to consider the agreement once they experience marriage firsthand.

Choosing between a partner and financial security during marriage is a dilemma that no one wants to face when their wedding is around the corner. However, if this is your current predicament, you should know that all hope is not lost. With a little more information and  appropriate legal guidance, you can potentially help your partner make more informed decisions about their options.


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