Reasons you might want to contest a will?

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Contesting a will is far from easy. Yet, sometimes it is necessary to ensure a family member’s wishes are carried out, and you get what is rightfully yours.

Money issues can lead to lifelong family disputes. So before you share your suspicions that something is not right, it is best to look for evidence to back your hunch up. Here are some things to consider:

This version of the will is different from previous ones

If the deceased only wrote their will once, you have nothing to compare it to. Yet many people update theirs regularly, giving you old versions to compare.

The principal beneficiary came into the deceased’s life near the end

Anyone spending a lot of time with someone near the end of their life may have the opportunity to exert undue influence on them to change their will. Especially if the deceased was cut off from others. If your father spent his last few months telling you about a new girlfriend who appeared in his life like an angel, it might warrant your suspicion.

The deceased suffered from mental illness

Persuading someone of sound mental capacity to alter a will is far more difficult than convincing someone who is no longer sure who is who and what is what. Many people’s mental faculties diminish in old age, which could leave them without the legal capacity to make changes to their will.

If you suspect foul play, it is essential to understand more about your legal options. It is not always possible to challenge a will, and even if it is, you might not want to. Yet, sometimes it is the correct course of action to take.


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