How can you talk to your teen about drunk driving?

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As a parent, you do your best to protect your children. As children grow into teenagers, it can become more difficult to protect them from the world. Unfortunately, accidents are common among teenagers, particularly accidents that involve alcohol.

Fortunately, Drive Team understands the importance of discussing impaired driving with your teenager.

Discuss statistics

Your teen may feel invincible. A DUI charge is one thing, but an accident is another. If your teen has never had an accident, he or she may not think it can happen. As the adult, you know different. Try to approach the topic with statistics on your side. Anecdotal evidence is not always strong enough.

In 2016, over 10,000 people died in an alcohol-related crash. About 28% of all fatalities on the road involve drunk drivers. Even without a high blood alcohol concentration, teens have a higher risk on the road. Teens have less experience behind the wheel and may not know how to handle a variety of obstacles. When impaired, it becomes worse. Unfortunately, one out of 10 teens drives while under the influence of alcohol.

Set expectations

Teens may respond favorably to statistics but you may want to combine it with how drunk driving affects them in the short-term and in the long-term. Remind them of the legal ramifications of driving while impaired and the ramifications that they may face at home. Be an active role model for your teen. You influence your teen’s actions.

While you cannot change your teen’s history, you can help him or her plan a future without impaired driving.



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