Divorce and moving to another state

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There are many areas of uncertainty when it comes to getting a divorce, from financial considerations to child custody matters. Moreover, some people face additional stressors due to their plans to move to another state and sometimes all of these issues are intertwined. For example, a parent has to recognize laws related to parental relocation and custody matters involving their child’s other parent, especially if they will stay behind. Moreover, some people have questions about property division regarding the recent purchase of an out-of-state home.

Postponing a move

In some instances, it makes sense to postpone relocation to another state (or even a different city in the same state) and wait until the divorce process is completed. This can help people focus on their divorce, which is very important because it can impact their future in many ways. Moving is stressful and often adds significant demands in terms of time, money and even emotions. However, some people cannot postpone a move, especially if they are starting a new job or have to make the move for other reasons.

Reducing stress and preparing

During such major changes in life, it is pivotal for people to focus on stress reduction and do everything in their power to prepare for their divorce. Those getting a divorce need to have a solid understanding of their rights as well as their obligations, especially if children are involved. Although this often seems overwhelming, many people in this position are able to enjoy a brighter future, leaving behind a toxic marriage and a state they no longer want to live in. Our website covers many other topics related to getting a divorce and dealing with various family law matters.


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