Driver faces charges after DUI crash injures construction workers

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Virginia citizens who drive under the influence of alcohol may find that they incur fines, jail time, or even a loss of a driver’s license. In addition, there may be other circumstances that impact his or her situation, such as injuries others sustained from a crash. 

This description is similar to an event that happened recently, according to the Associated Press. Six construction workers sustained serious injuries when a driver crashed into an overnight construction crew working on a highway. Riding along with the man were two other occupants in the vehicle, who tried to evade authorities after the collision. The authorities were eventually able to find the man who was in control of the car. However, after his arrest, the man driving tested positive for alcohol consumption and law enforcement charged him with a DUI. He also went through a sobriety test while at the site of the crash. 

Although all the workers injured went to the hospital in order to treat their wounds, their conditions varied. Some of the injuries were not life-threatening, while some other workers may have sustained more serious damage due to the crash. Authorities did make sure to report that there were no fatal injuries for the crew. After driving the vehicle into the construction area, the man also struck a light pole, according to investigators at the scene. 

Some drivers’ DUI cases may have unique circumstances that can be defended in a court of law. Anyone seeking advice might find it helpful to talk with an attorney who specializes in DUI and traffic violations. 


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