Can a juvenile record hinder a child’s future employment?

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If your child has been accused of committing a crime in Virginia, the immediate future is likely what you are concerned about. Finding an attorney and creating a defense strategy is an important part of the process, but what happens after your child is convicted of the crime as a juvenile? Can this affect their future and how?

According to the Juvenile Law Center, any type of criminal record can seriously affect the ability of the person to obtain and keep employment in the future. In Virginia, any juvenile felony conviction will remain on the criminal record for the remainder of their life. This means that even if the crime was committed when your child was underage, they will still feel the repercussions for decades to come when it comes to employment.

In today’s world, employers have a long list of applicants to sift through, and they have the flexibility to be picky about who they hire. Studies show that almost 90% of employers run some type of background check on anyone who applies for a job. If the applicant has a record, half of the employers studied are less likely to offer the job to the applicant.

When it comes to employers, almost 40% would not hire a person because they had a criminal record. It is not just felonies that your child must worry about, because 11% of employers say they would not hire someone with a misdemeanor conviction on their record.

Whether your child is guilty or innocent, a lifelong conviction can negatively affect them in many ways. Having a good criminal defense attorney can ensure your child has the best defense and a good chance of a successful future.

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