The basics of identity theft

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Identity theft charges are serious criminal charges that can result in serious penalties and consequences which is why accused individuals should be familiar with what identity theft is and what to do when accused of identity theft. Accusations of identity theft and identity fraud generally refer to allegations that the accused individual wrongfully obtained or used another party’s personal data in a manner that involves fraud or deception for economic gain.

Identity theft is a type of white collar crime that occurs when a someone misuses another party’s identifying information in a personal or financial manner. It can include using Social Security information, birth date information or other sensitive identifying information. There are a variety of different methods that may be used to obtain identifying information. The information is commonly used to open financial accounts in the other party’s name.

Identity theft laws can vary by state so accused individuals should be familiar with the identity theft laws in their state and understand the charges against them, what they are facing and what they are being accused of. When an accused individual has been accused of identity theft, they may be able to challenge the charges they are facing in a variety of different ways and should ensure that their criminal defense rights were protected in the process and not violated.

The criminal justice system affords accused individuals important criminal defense rights for their protection. If those rights have been violated, or the accused individual disputes the facts as alleged by authorities, it may form the basis of a criminal defense strategy and a strong criminal defense strategy can help accused individuals with the charges they are facing.


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