What to do when facing embezzlement charges

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White collar crimes can result in serious criminal charges, penalties and consequences. White collar crimes refer to financial crimes and two types of financial crimes include embezzlement and financial fraud. One type of white collar crime is the crime of embezzlement and it is a serious criminal charge that accused individuals should know how to handle.

White collar crimes can be charged as felony crimes which are the most serious crimes according to the legal system and can carry significant penalties and consequences. In addition, the accused individual can suffer the impacts of a criminal record which may follow them throughout their life. Embezzlement charges, like any criminal charge, threatens the accused individual’s future. Criminal defense options are intended to protect the rights of accused individuals and help them potentially ameliorate the impacts of the charges they are facing.

Embezzlement refers to the taking of assets by a party that is lawfully in possession of the assets. Though the accused individual does not own the assets, they may have authority and control over, and access to, the assets. The accused individual must also intend to take the assets or funds and deprive the rightful owner of them. Common examples of embezzlement can occur when an employee is accused of taking funds they may help manage. Accusations of unlawfully taking money should be taken seriously and properly addressed.

Knowing how to respond to criminal accusations, allegations and charges can be overwhelming which is why trained guidance can be helpful through the criminal justice process. Accused individuals have important criminal defense protections to be familiar with that can help them through the concerns they face after being accused of embezzlement or committing another type of white collar crime.


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