Where recipients of traffic violations can turn

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The legal process associated with a traffic ticket or traffic violation can be surprisingly challenging to navigate and may even feel overwhelming. Because individuals facing traffic violations are facing fines, increased insurance rates and other serious possible penalties associated with a traffic violation.

Though traffic violations may sometimes not be taken as seriously as they should be, they should not be taken lightly and can result in excessive fines; points on the recipient’s driver’s license; license suspension; increased insurance rates; a driving record; and a possible warrant for the recipient’s arrest. When an individual receives a traffic violation, it can disrupt the daily life of the recipient.

Working to have the traffic violation dismissed can help protect the recipient’s overall driving record. In addition, knowing how to respond to a traffic violation can help keep points off the recipient’s driving record and also protect the recipient’s driving privileges. Traffic violations can include speeding; drunk and drugged driving charges; reckless driving; distracted driving; and juvenile traffic offenses.

Because so much is on the line, it is important for recipients of a traffic violation to be familiar with their options to challenge the offense they have been accused with and to be aware of options that may help them mitigate the potential consequences they are facing. Traffic violations threaten potentially serious possible personal, professional and financial consequences which is why awareness of the resources available through the criminal justice system that can protect them becomes vital for recipients of traffic violations to understand.


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