Legal help with drug charges

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Drug-related crimes can lead to significant potential penalties and consequences for accused individuals. As a result, accused individuals have to be familiar with their criminal defense protections and rights and how to develop a criminal defense strategy.

Drug possession charges can result in accused individuals spending long periods of time incarcerating which can rob them of their lives and futures. Drug charges can include possession charges; possession with intent to distribute charges; cocaine possession charges; heroin possession charges; methamphetamine charges; charges for marijuana possession; charges for synthetic drug charges; and prescription drug fraud charges. Additional charges can include drug trafficking charges or charges with the intent to sell.

Penalties and consequences for drug charges can also include substantial fines, property seizures and drug charges can also create a criminal history that can have detrimental impact on the accused individual’s occupational, educational and employment opportunities. Criminal charges may be challenged based on a variety of circumstances including unreliable evidence or witness testimony against the accused individual; evidence based on an illegal search or seizure; or if a warrant was issued without meeting the probable cause requirements.

There are a variety of safeguards in place that are part of the criminal justice system to protect individuals who have been accused of a crime. Drug charges can result in stiff prison sentences and threaten potential ruin for the accused individual. Accused individuals must be familiar with these protections and how to assert them when they are facing the weight of criminal charges, allegations and accusations.


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