Criminal defense protections for DUI charges

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Drunk driving charges can alter the daily life of an accused individual in a dramatic way. DUI charges can leave the accused individual facing the inability to drive and may even result in threats to their freedom and possibly significant fines.

The list of potential penalties and consequences associated with DUI charges can be significant such as potential jail time; potential license suspension up to one year; fines; increased insurance rates and costs; the requirement that the accused individual install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle; required attendance at an alcohol or substance abuse program; as well as other potential penalties and consequences depending on the situation and circumstances.

The long-term consequences associated with drunk driving charges, as well as the potential penalties and consequences in the near-term, are not something accused individuals should take lightly. Drunk driving charges can create both a criminal record and have a negative impact on the accused individual’s driving record. As a result, it is critical for accused individuals to be familiar with the criminal defense options available to them. Criminal defense options may be able to potentially help mitigate the potential penalties and consequences the accused individual is facing.

Criminal defense options look at the entire set of circumstances and evaluate the accused individual’s situation by examining the alleged facts, evidence and conduct of police. It is important to know how to examine the charges the accused individual is facing and ensure their criminal defense rights are protected and asserted when needed.


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