Methods of fighting a traffic ticket

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Alleged traffic violations ranging from speeding to running a red light can result in serious negative consequences for everyday drivers who have been pulled over and cited. In an attempt to avoid these penalties, it is helpful for individuals facing a traffic ticket to be familiar with strategies available for fighting traffic violations.

One method of disputing a traffic citation is to dispute the police officer’s personal opinion and the subjective conclusion they reach when they cite a driver for a certain alleged violation of the law such as unsafe driving or making an unsafe turn or unsafe lane change. In addition, it may also be possible to dispute the evidence and facts as alleged by the police officer. Some types of evidence that may refute a police officer’s version of events include eyewitness statements, diagrams, and photos. There are a variety of methods available for doing this, with which ticketed drivers should be familiar.

In addition, other options to dispute a traffic violation can include arguing a mistake of fact, such as driving in multiple lanes because lane markers were too worn for the driver to see them; arguing that whatever driving behavior the driver was cited for was was justified; or arguing that whatever driving behavior the driver was cited for was necessary to prevent some type of harm.

Fighting a traffic ticket may help drivers avoid costly penalties, increased insurance rates, and the stress commonly involved with dealing with traffic tickets. Because of this, and the complexities sometimes associated with fighting a traffic violation, ticketed drivers should be familiar with the options available to help them with their traffic ticket.


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