White collar crimes basics

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The term white collar crime refers to a variety of different types of crime which is why it is helpful to understand what the category of crime refers to and what the different crimes are included in the definition. White collar crimes typically, in general, involve deceit and are motivated by financial gain.

The most common types of white collar crime include fraud, embezzlement tax evasion and money laundering. In addition, securities fraud such as insider trading or Ponzi schemes are included under the category of white collar crimes. Fraud is one type of white collar crime that involves the use of deceit for monetary gain.

Securities fraud is another type of white collar crime in which inside information is used to inform investments in violation of a duty or obligation. Securities fraud can also occur when an investment is sought by knowingly misstating the financial health of the company. Securities fraud can include false or misleading statements that are placed in public reports from companies that are publicly traded. Additionally, when an individual speaks on behalf of the company with knowledge that the statements they are making are false, or should reasonably have known the statements they were making were false, it can also be considered securities fraud.

Additional types of white collar crime can include other types of fraud and embezzlement which have previously been discussed on this blog and involve the misappropriation of money or property by an individual that is rightfully in possession of the money or property. Because of the serious nature of white collar crimes , individuals who have been accused of committing a white collar crime should be familiar with the criminal defense options available for white collar crimes which can help address concerns they likely have associated with the potential penalties and consequences they are facing.


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