The serious nature of drug charges

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All drug charges are serious, including drug trafficking and drug distribution charges. Drug charges can carry particularly significant penalties and consequences which is why accused individuals should be familiar with criminal defense protections to drug charges and their legal options.

Drug offenses including drug trafficking and drug distribution charges penalize the sell, transportation and illegal import of unlawful controlled substances. Unlawful controlled substances can include cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines and other illegal drugs as well. Different factors can influence the possible penalties associated with drug trafficking or drug distribution charges including the type of drugs involved; the amount of drugs; where they were distributed; and if children were involved.

Though it varies, the penalties associated with drug charges can be stiff. Individuals accused of drug trafficking and distribution can face imprisonment ranging from 3 to 5 years. Drug possession charges can be serious but drug trafficking and drug distribution charges can lead to additional penalties and consequences. Drug trafficking and drug distribution charges may be alleged if the accused individual is found with large amounts of cash, scales or other packaging materials that may be associated with drug trafficking or distribution.

It is important that accused individuals understand their criminal defense rights and how to refute accusations and allegations made by police. It may be possible to challenge the facts as alleged by police, witness statements or the conduct of police, depending on the circumstances. Individuals accused of committing drug crimes should be familiar with their criminal defense and how to assert those rights to protect their freedom and future.


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