What to do when facing DUI charges

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Drunk driving charges can lead to significant potential penalties and consequences for accused individuals which can have a dramatic, and immediate, impact on their day-to-day lives. Legal help with drunk driving charges can be crucial because of the serious impact a DUI charge can have on the lives of accused individuals.

Accused individuals facing DUI charges should be familiar with their legal options, rights and the protections available to them. Accused individuals can face both near-term and long-term consequences associated with a DUI charge. It is important to note that there are potential criminal and administrative penalties associated with a drunk driving charges which can result in fees, incarceration or license suspension.

Specific penalties accused individuals may face include jail time; license suspension for up to one year; a requirement to attend an alcohol and substance abuse program; a requirement to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle; and increased insurance rates. Additionally, charges for driving under the influence can create a criminal record for the accused individual. A strong criminal defense response to drunk driving charges may include challenging the alleged facts, evidence or the activities of authorities. In addition, accused individuals may need help with the administrative process associated with the loss of their license.

Accused individuals should always be familiar with their criminal defense protections and how they apply to the unique situation and circumstances they are facing. Criminal defense tools may be able to mitigate the charges and penalties the accused individual is facing. Armed with that knowledge, accused individuals are better able to safeguard both their freedom and future when facing DUI charges.


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