What are drug possession laws in Virginia?

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Drug possession laws in Virginia can be harsh which is why accused individuals should be familiar with their legal options straightaway should they find themselves facing drug charges. One example of the exceptionally harsh nature of Virginia’s drug charges is that the second marijuana possession charge could lead to a year in jail.

While the potential penalties and consequences for marijuana possession can be significant, the potential penalties and consequences for cocaine or heroin possession can be even more significant. Even more serious charges can be associated with an alleged intent to sell which can also result in more serious potential penalties and consequences including 10 years in prison. The cost of a drug charges is steep which is why accused individuals must be aware of the legal resources available to help them when they are facing drug charges.

There are different criminal defense options available to accused individuals depending on the situation and circumstances. It is invaluable for accused individuals to understand their options. A criminal defense challenge can be based on challenging the alleged facts of the situation, the alleged substance or amount of substance alleged, any witness statements or police description of events. It is also important to examine if the police in any way violated the rights of the accused individual or failed to follow procedures required for the protections of the accused individual’s rights.

Criminal defense protections are available to all accused individuals in any circumstances they are facing. It is essential for accused individuals to be familiar with these criminal defense protections and how they apply to the situation and circumstances they are facing.


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