What accused individuals should know about fraud charges

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Fraud charges are serious criminal charges that should not be taken lightly. All criminal charges can have a life-long impact on accused Manassas resident which is why accused individuals must be familiar with the protections that are part of the criminal justice system.

Fraud is a type of white collar crime. By definition, fraud is the intentional deception made for the purposes of monetary or personal gain. Fraud crimes involve a false statement, misrepresentation or some type of deceit. The purpose of a fraud crime is generally to gain something of value, usually property or money, through a misrepresentation the accused party knows to be false. The definition of a fraud crime can vary by state so it is helpful for the accused individual to be familiar with the definitions in their state.

The elements of a fraud crime usually include the misrepresentation of a material fact; the misrepresentation is made by an individual who knows or believes it is false; the misrepresentation is justifiably relied upon; and actual harm or loss results from reliance on the misrepresentation. There are several common types of fraud including identity theft; mail fraud; wire fraud; insurance fraud; tax fraud; securities fraud; and other types of fraud as well. Fraud crimes are typically punished by fines or incarceration.

Knowing how to defend against fraud charges and white collar criminal charges can be important for accused individuals to protect their freedom and future. As a result, it is essential to be familiar with criminal defense protections which may focus on challenging alleged evidence of the crime or any inappropriate conduct of police.


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