What can you face if you are accused of texting while driving?

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Here in Virginia, there are many things that can lead to a person facing a traffic ticket. One is being accused of texting while driving. Along with nearly all other states, Virginia has a general ban on texting while driving.

Virginia’s texting ban has primary, rather than secondary, enforcement. So, in the state, a driver can be pulled over and ticketed for texting while driving all on its own, without any other type of violation being spotted by police.

Being ticketed for texting while driving exposes a person to fines. Under state law, the fine for a first violation of the texting ban is typically $125. It rises to $250 if the offense happened in a highway work zone. The fine for repeat offenses of texting while driving is also $250.

And the consequences of a texting-while-driving ticket are not just limited to these fines. For example, having a texting violation on one’s driving record can have negative impacts on things like insurance rates.

What can a person do in response to such a ticket? There can be ways to fight traffic tickets, including tickets for texting while driving. How likely a given challenge is to be successful is impacted by a range of factors. So, the specific situation dictates what response would likely be best when accused of a traffic violation.

So, when facing a texting ticket here in Virginia, having a clear picture of one’s options can be critical. Experienced traffic violation defense attorneys can provide explanations of such options.


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